Arif Patel – Arif Patel Preston UK

Arif Patel, an entrepreneur and one of the trailblazers in the field of Oil and Gas has proved his leadership and business intellect with Preston Trading.


Not only is Preston Trading his trademark for business but it encompasses his hard work and beliefs so well that it is fair to say that it was molded entirely by him. To excel in the field of Oil and Gas is one of the most challenging aspects of the business ecosystem in the Gulf considering how competitive it is. To stand out and shine, one has to be extremely intricate with the services that are being provided.


Arif Patel UK had this in mind and started out his journey after a strong base graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in England and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. His knowledge was branched out in various elements that now make up the core of Preston.


Arif Patel Preston was later ranked among the Top 10 Best Investment Company Executives which bolstered his career upwards. He has the likes of many big brands that are being catered by his company.  Not only has he built the core of Preston but he aims on keeping the flag flying high.


His employees have been backing his belief and creation by adhering to his core ideologies which include loyalty and transparency. The services are doled out in such a way that it makes the company stand out from the others in the market.

Arif Patel has made a mark so bold that it is his leadership that has carved the way for many who are yet to join in on the entrepreneurial journey like him.